​The Fountain Hill, AZ Art Fair is a great event held every year and I always enjoy covering it.  Hundreds of artists from all over the country display and sell their work.  Thousands of visitors flock to the area to find that special piece of art or visit the restaurants or sample the food at the many food trucks.  Along with art for sale, Fountain Hills boasts one of the largest public art installations in the state.  The park is also a great place for kite flying, picnics or photography with the lake, fountain, and mountains in the backdrop.  The fountain can reach a height of 560 feet under ideal conditions but is normally operated to reach 300 feet.  Displays are on the hour.


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My Fellow Spirit, your life purpose, pure and simple, is to attain spiritual enlightenment.  You must learn to balance your unquenchable desire to impulsively embrace the lure of hot sex and high living, with the realization of the spirit.  Remember, the path to enlightenment is full of obstacles.  Do not be discouraged.  If you practice my teachings over many lifetimes, you may end up like me…a very powerful, lyrical and slightly warped old frog waiting for the chance to French-kiss a princess.

See you on the other side.


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Canal Convergence, an outdoor, large-scale, interactive art exhibit, was held Nov 9-18 2018 in Scottsdale, AZ.  I caught the Sunday event and helped to shape some of the light and sound generated by interactive displays such as “Iceberg”** by ATOMIC3 and APPAREIL Architecture, “Luminous Cactus”** by Toby Atticus Fraley, “Sound Sculpture”** by Masary Studios.

Other major installations included “Loop”** by Ekumen, “Light Flutter”** by Skunk Control out of Australia, “Arizona!”** by Choi+Shine Architects, “Floret”** by Koros Design, “Infinity Crystal”** by Klip Design, and “Floatus”** a show stealing fire display by Walter Productions. (**shown in video).

The real stars of the show were the kids who were eager to try everything.  My advice to industrial designers and artists making public, interactive work, kids will push to robustness of your design to the edge and beyond.  If there is a switch to be moved, a drum to turn, a lever to pull, or a box to move or climb on, they will, most vigorously.

​I acted in this film about a wanderer in a post apocalyptic wasteland.  I seem to gravitate to these roles!

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