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I acted in this film about a wanderer in a post apocalyptic wasteland.  I seem to gravitate to these roles!

Phoenix Symphony Hall

I covered a symphonic concert at the Phoenix Symphony Hall in downtown Phoenix.  The two hour performance featured the 66 piece orchestra backed by a chorus of almost 50 vocalists.  Guest conductor Ryan McAdams led the orchestra through 10 selections from late composer James Horner’s portfolio of popular movie themes and soundtracks.  Starting off with the quiet drama of Legends of the Fall “The Ludlows” and Titanic “Hymn to the Sea”, the first half finished with the percussion heavy and lively The Mask of Zorro Suite.  The second half was equally inspiring, finishing with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Main Title, Epilogue, and End Credits.  Listening to the beautiful renditions, it was easy to drift back to when first seeing each film and the emotions of that moment.

Conductor Ryan McAdams was quite animated and entertaining as he discussed the background of the each song and had the audience laughing and clapping at his anecdotes.  The fine acoustics of the concert hall also made listening to the music a pleasure.  Every instrument could be heard, from a solo flute to the low rumble of a lightly struck timpani…all without amplification or colored by speakers.  MAGIC.Type your paragraph here.

Special Features