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“Choosing life is an act of suicide.” - Michael Krozer, The Horizon of a Life

“There are three kinds of secrets.  Those that can be told.  Those that cannot be told.  And those that are best forgotten” - Michael Krozer, The Horizon of a Life

“We all live in prisons.  The key to happiness is  finding the most agreeable and then convincing yourself you're free.” - Michael Krozer, Inversion

“If you don't think that you are profoundly ignorant of most things, that only proves you are.” - Michael Krozer

“We all take a different path to the same place.  Why we took the path we did will always be a mystery.” - Michael Krozer

“A thought can kill the spirit as surely as a bullet can kill the body.” - Michael Krozer, Prelude to a Life

“Our purpose for living is to create the future.”​  - Michael Krozer

Some of My Favorite Quotes

I believe that a richly appointed artistic work can create a living reality in the reader’s or viewer’s mind that is not bound by physical limitations, rendering a landscape as emotive as any dream or memory we may have.  In my novels and films, the personalities that live, breathe, and die leave behind a memory that we carry forward into our lives.  These memories change who we believe ourselves to be…the most majestic illusion there is.