A new generation of female players light up the game of golf with style, grace, attitude, and power.  "Come Play."

While the drama of demonstrations splash across television and the internet, what is not shown is even more impactful. 

To appreciate the life sustaining power of fresh water, one just needs to observe how a desert river can transform a harsh, arid landscape into a cathedral of natural abundance.  We have the knowledge and technology to preserve and protect our most valuable resource.  What we lack is the voluntary will to do so.

Watch the full, award winning short film.

Peter is a war veteran who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   He seeks out the guidance of an unusual online friend.



This United States presidential election comes at a time of profound challenges to governance in the USA and to the stability of international relations. 

WRPN.TV Webseries Award Winner. If there’s a mountain out there, some old miner has probably poked a hole in ‘er hoping to find treasure.  A few of us decided to follow the trail to one of these mines.


The collision of ambition, morality, scientific discovery, and technical capability pits the pursuit of knowledge against the predator’s instinct to dominate.

25,000 runners converged on Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA.  Listen and read the whole story by clicking on the LA Marathon, CA link.

There are places where many lives exist in tight parallel.  The dance is called life.  The place is called Terminal.

Join us as we cruise up the Rhone and Saone rivers and visit the great cities, ancient villages, and lush vineyards of southern France.

Of course, the best way to assemble a chair is to let someone else do it for you.

Crisp air on a Sunday morning, sun coming up, a fantastic, upbeat crowd of runners and spectators.  We were all expecting a great day, and that is exactly what we got!

I acted in this film that is about a wanderer in a post apocalyptic wasteland.  I seem to gravitate to these roles.

This is short documentary about the democratic process as played out away from the main stage.