Unfamiliar World - Ant Farm

Do you think that you have what it take to do the job of an ant?

​​Welcome to your home.  You live in an amazing, subterranean megastructure with about 15,000 other individuals.  This is about half the population of the average size town in the United States.  Most of the residents, like you, were bred to do one thing… find, collect and bring food back to the colony.  Do you think that you’re tough enough to do the job?  You decide.

Every morning, you go out in to a world full of dangers and follow a chemical trail laid down by the scouts.  When you hit the trail, you run at a speed equivalent to 30 miles per hour in human terms for a distance of 5 miles.   Temperatures on the pavement can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Along the way, you may encounter gigantic predators which can move faster than you.  In human terms, these hungry monsters may stand 88 feet high at the shoulder and be 350 feet long.

The 5 mile run was the easy part.  More capable than any human parkour expert, you traverse a boulder field at full speed, climbing over rocks 18 feet long by 11 feet high in human terms.

The chemical trail leads you to a tree.  You will climb straight up the human equivalent of 1 mile and then traverse branches, finally reaching the food collection source.  Here, you will collect and store the needed nutrients and then begin the journey back to your home.

Along the way, you stop and exchange chemically coded information with your colleagues so that everyone stays informed about all aspects of the food gathering operation.

By the way, everything you just did, you did without seeing much if at all.  In human terms, you are basically blind.