A mosaic of memories...life at the Festival.

Shailla, Director of "Love Socks", accepts her award at the Festival.

Multi[le Award Winning Film.

Peter is a war veteran who was tortured while being held a prisoner.  Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and no longer able to suppress the memory of his experiences, he becomes angry, violent, and increasingly withdrawn from the loved ones in his life. Refusing to let himself spiral deeper into depression, Peter seeks out the guidance of an unusual online friend who is committed to helping him find his way back to the caring and good-natured person he was before the war.

Vera Tomilova, Director of "War's Voices" (Pis'ma Vojny) discusses her experiences at the Festival.

Images from the Aug 6-16 2015 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Washougal, WA

Carolyn Hodge, Director of "captured", accepts her award at the Festival.

Painted Dreams