Convergence 1 -A Shadow's Whisper

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At the conclusion of INVERSION 1 – Looking Through Mirrors, Angela Ana realizes that she must let go of her past.  Voktor still commands every aspect of her life and her survival depends upon executing his plans for her.

As she settles into her new role, forces beyond her knowing are plotting to destroy everything she has built and cares about.  The lives of her people are merely numbers in a cold calculation by this powerful enemy.  After the fog of carnage has cleared, it becomes obvious their calculation omitted one critical factor.

No Guilt

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Inversion 1, 2 & 3

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The Bench

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A five member rock band takes a gig that begins like most do…with a phone call.  After a summer of touring, a one night performance in Mexico at a private party followed by a few days at the beach sounds like a good deal.

It is also a good deal for a pithy film producer who sees an unexpected opportunity.

Decisions are made with the best of intent.  The consequences are beyond anyone’s ability to foresee.

These joyful and inspiring short stories all have the common bench as their foundation, a place of refuge on the journey of life.  Mystically and spiritually, the bench is associated with contemplation, learning to find a deeper meaning in one’s existence, and the promise that you’ll make a trusted friend and share insights into life’s challenges.  When you see someone sitting on a bench, they might be waiting for you.

A sweeping and inspirational saga about a courageous woman who leads an audacious endeavor to create the most advanced society in history with the help of a mystic philanthropist and a sentient AI.  

Even after Angela Ana had guided her nation from a tenuous seaborne existence to permanence on an equatorial island in the Pacific Ocean, the hot fire of revenge still burns in her soul.  Thousands of her people had been murdered and such an attack will never be allowed to happen again.  This is her vow.  Oddly, the complacency of peace has become the enemy, silently weakening and distracting.

The way forward has never been more perilous.  But this future would not be enabled by Angela nor Voktor.  An entity with power beyond human understanding is evolving.

87 Hours in Mexico

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CONVERGENCE 1 is a grand adventure that involves a computer simulations programmer pushing the boundaries of his field, a shaman who believes this pursuit is folly, and a bold political operative who is willing to risk his life and those around him in a scheme that may save millions from the atrocities of war. ​.

A tense drama about the lust for control, power, wealth, and murder.  A wicked lawyer will stop at nothing.

Michelle has wants.  She also has motivation.  What she lacks is any sense of morality.  After derailing her own future at a premiere New York City law firm, her scheme for acquiring wealth was to steal it from a carefully selected, unsuspecting, and generous man.  She knew that this con would take several years, but once into it, her impatience had grown past even her tolerance.  This man loved her despite everything she threw at him.  There was only one way to get the money she wanted…murder.  But not any murder.  The perfect murder.


Ana Garrett and her team of elite operatives execute a daring plan to infiltrate and destroy a global human trafficking empire.  For Ana, success depends upon a hopefully reversible chemical lobotomy.   

Awakening from a coma as vulnerable as a baby gasping its first breath, Angela’s survival in a dangerous world relies on how well she handles the hard choices that come quickly.  Suddenly faced with two perilous options, one will take her back to a life she feared.  The other will thrust her into a future molded by her will to shape it.