White Stretch Limo
The idea for the song came from an actual white limo ride a few friends and I took while our cruise ship was docked on some island in the Caribbean…I can’t remember which one.  The driver said his client never showed up and since we were looking to do a tour anyway, we hired him.  As we were driving through the back roads, it occurred to us that maybe he never had a client and spooky thought like we might never return to the ship played on us.  All turned out well in the end.  The driver was entertaining and we to saw some of the off-the-beaten-path places.

Somewhere Doin’ Something
Procrastination is definitely a lifestyle choice based on the belief that if you wait long enough, many things will take care of themselves…or other people will take care of what you should have.  This song celebrates a connoisseur of this lifestyle who, through years of dedicated practice, has become the guru of how not to get anything done.

New Jersey Cowboy
Ah, to be from New Jersey.  We have a worldwide reputation.  My range really is the New Jersey Turnpike, but I will not confirm or deny whether or not I pack an Uzi under my car seat.

Tribute to an Angel
Many of us have experienced a chance encounter with a stranger who profoundly influenced our lives…hopefully making each of us a better, more caring person.  Sometimes I wonder if chance had anything to do with that encounter.

Thunder in Your Voice
This song is dedicated to those brave “road warriors” who are away from home trying to earn a buck.  Separation does lead to stress between lovers and to that inevitable, dreaded phone call, usually at night when you call home to check-in after finishing a gig.  I wrote this song at a bar one night during one of these trips.

​Painted Dreams
This is a serious song about a serious issue.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) remains a legacy of war for many of our veterans.  Haunted by uncontrollable flashbacks, these individuals are vividly reminded of the trauma and horrors that they experienced.  Accompanied by emotional detachment and highly reactive responses to everyday events (hyperactive startle reflex), normal functioning is difficult to achieve without medical and psychological help.  “Painted Dreams” is a song about coping with PTSD.

​Life is More Than it Seems
The choices we have at any moment in time are determined by influences that we never see and never will be aware of.

​Borderline of Love
And then there are relationships that are almost right, where you just can’t figure out what to do next to cement the bond.  So when this tormented soul sings, “I have a map to your heart with some pieces missing,” he, or she, is truly lost and pleading for guidance.

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Wings of Freedom
No nation or society is immune from those who empower themselves using the forces of greed, vengeance, and mis-information.  Protecting and ensuring human dignity and equality requires motivation, action, and risk taking if freedom is to prevail.

There Will Always be You and Me
A life affirming vibe with piano, guitar, and sax...

There Will Always be You and Me
People who have laughed, cried, struggled, and succeeded together in this spiritual challenge we call life share a bond that is rare and to be cherished.​

No One Else but You
Life is especially sweet when you find your soul mate…

​In Just One Night
Sometimes you get more than one chance to meet the person you’d instantly fall in love with…

​I Love You
The distance apart means nothing to the spiritual power of love…

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  • There Will Always Be You and Me3:47

  • Wings of Freedom2:16

  • Tribute to an Angel3:03
  • Thunder in Your Voice3:01
  • Painted Dreams3:19
  • Life is More Than it Seems4:07
  • Borderline of Love3:07

  • White Stretch Limo3:02
  • Somewhere Doin' Something2:46
  • New Jersey Cowboy3:07

  • There Will Always Be You and Me3:36
  • No One Else But You3:22
  • In Just One Night3:07
  • I Love You3:10