With each successive horn sounding, another flight of runners dashed off on their 13.5 mile journey through local streets and along the sea coast.  Throughout the course, hundreds of spectators cheered them on.  As time went on, the finish plaza filled with exhausted and elated runners and their fans, family, and friends.  Celebrations were just beginning...

Monterey Bay, CA

Crisp air on a Sunday morning, sun coming up, a fantastic, upbeat crowd of runners and spectators.  We were all expecting a great day, and that is exactly what we got!

​For me, the event started the day before and continued through the day after.  Since I wasn’t running, I got to enjoy the restaurants and some drink in not so equal measures.  But a short walk in the morning air on the “day of” woke me up.  By 6:30am, there were thousands of runners taking their places within their respective time groups, the music was pumping, and spirits were high.  The number of smiling faces far outnumbered those looking anxious about the run.​

Images from the November 8.2015 Half Marathon on Monterey Bay, CA